Hipnotic mirage


‘Hipnotic mirage’ series 2019/2015. Danger tape on wall. Karachi Biennale Karachi / Sehsaal, Wien /Alternate access residency,New York

As is the case with some of the other suites in Carlo Galli's oeuvre, time and time again he raises a discussion about the idea of borders. His evident aversion to territorial demarcation and its underlying consequences are given special treatment in Hypnotic mirage (2015-2019), an installation that has been set up in a wide-range of different geographical regions, such as Pakistan, Austria and the USA. The artist takes control of the space and its volumes in order to build new structures and paths in the manner of visual labyrinths. The piece employs a sensorial approach that allows him to fully explore the disenchantment of barriers, whether physical or invisible.