Cozy mesh


'Cozy mesh' series, 2020-2014. Signal tape and rope. Alkatraz gallery, Lubiana / Schmiede Festival, Hallein

Cozy mesh (2014-2020) is one of Carlo Galli's key artworks, in which you can get to the core of the Italian artist. The bond between concepts and media is crucial in his oeuvre. It provides him with the perfect setting to provoke a reaction from the spectator and, at the same time, to convey a series of historical issues and, most importantly, sociocultural ones. For Cozy mesh Carlo Galli appropriates two-colour warning tape –a material he often employs in his productions– which he weaves together to create the resulting installation: a net-like structure held in place by fixing its corners from four columns. The artist deconstructs a material used to delimit, protect or to prevent access and transforms it into a structure that incites interaction – meeting, relaxation, play and, basically, coexistence. This apparently simple act has allowed the artist to explore the malleability of borders and to raise discussions about interculturality and freedom of movement rights.